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The Messenger is a bible-based community that wants you to join us in sharing Gods message. Our mission is to seek out those who desire to grow in their faith or start their new faith journey. We want to get people excited to know we all have the greatest opportunity that God is giving us now. I believe we can all be a messenger.

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In The Know

Purchasing Take Yourself Off The Shelf is a double bonus. Why? When you make the purchase for yourself you are opening your heart and mind. No greater joy comes from knowing who you are in Christ. Since we are not selling our book for profit all proceeds go back into the book for free distribution. So you are investing and sharing God's word with others then you also become a messenger.

Becoming a believer is a choice and my goal was to put out easy content for people to understand while being true to God's word. 

This resource is an easy understanding of what you need to know if you are wanting to renew your faith or start your new faith journey. These chapters explain who God is, how the world became, Heaven is a real place, the fall of the angel Lucifer, you just have to be accepting to God's gift, being Baptized, the Trinity, we were created in his image,

developing a relationship with God, biblical solution for every problem, know who you are and how to stand strong in your faith. I have included some personal stories plus, some interesting facts the bible has that can open your perspective on what Gods plans for our future truly are. 


It's Important that everyone has the opportunity to learn:

  • Where we came from

  • Why we are here

  • Where we are going

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